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I know you guys are tired & frustrated. But, please keep with it. The fog will start to clear very soon - even if it's only for a day or two. Then the span of time between clearings gets less and less, until it's really just not foggy at all. The next major holiday is Labor Day. When it arrives, you should be able to look back on this time and pat yourself on the back that you've managed to pull through the summer. And by Thanksgiving, which I know seems eons away right now, you all will be feeling a 100 times better than you do right now. How can I go from having a decent day to the worst freaking night of my life!!!! NO SLEEP, achy muscles, blah, blah. I actually started feeling sorry for myself last nigh- something I swore I wouldn't do. My husband is at work (he's on call 24/7) and it took everything out of me to take care of my baby. It really is incredible to be taking part in life again. How could I ever have not wanted this? Well, because I never knew back then that that evil habit would take over my whole life and try to ruin it forever! I work as an editor for a small local magazine. If I made the comments I've seen Demand "editors" make to my writers, I would be instantly fired. No argument, no explanations needed. It's unprofessional. It is not part of an editor's job to criticize a writer or their work. An editor is there to catch and correct errors so the pieces are suitable for publication. Nothing more. Good luck on getting your business going again. I'm sure if it was successful before you can make it again. Tell your hubby Happy B-day. Work is very tough but i'm making it. I did have a slightly better day today. You just gotta keep pushing yourself. You'll know when you really need to take it easy and relax. My weekends i do absolutely nothing but relax. Try to get ready for the long week. Hang in there and take it a day at a time. God Bless! Talk soon. I'm recovering well now. I'm whacked as far as energy goes. I don't know if that is the half-life from the benzos (and the muscle relaxant properties) or because I had a general anaesthetic and operation on 5th January, only 3 weeks ago. Probably both. Before the op I was doing fine at voluntary work, lifting heavy stuff etc. i went back for the first time since the op and I couldn't even lift a half empty box. Next, you sound like you have been through medical miracle land. This used up your body's resources, but, you survived it! Counseling may help you deal with the loss and frustration of your injuries. Also, see if the PT sees any improvements. Maybe it is just hard for you to see as you are dealing with the mess and remember life "before". The word schizophrenia—which translates roughly as "splitting of the mind" and comes from the Greek roots schizein (???????, "to split") and phren, phren- (????, ????-, "mind")—was coined by Eugen Bleuler in 1908 and was intended to describe the separation of function between personality, thinking, memory, and perception. American and British interpretations of Beuler led to the claim that he described its main symptoms as 4 A's: flattened Affect, Autism, impaired Association of ideas and Ambivalence. Bleuler realized that the illness was not a dementia, as some of his patients improved rather than deteriorated, and thus proposed the term schizophrenia instead. Treatment was revolutionized in the mid-1950s with the development and introduction of chlorpromazine. You may ask why I don't become a CE if I think they're so unfit and try and change the CE system from the inside as an editor. That $3.50 fee that DS gives is laughable. I need DS to make ends meet, but as soon as I'm able to find a full-time position at a stable work desk then I won't have to deal with Demand Studios. Until then I'll bite the bullet. But I won't join the little group of DS Stans people like you are part of anytime soon. We also offer 5-days Email Mini-Course with the most useful tips on writing and delivering your wedding speech. You will also get a free 20-pages report with basic wedding speech samples upon subscribing to the Mini-Course. I assume To "Hated Content Editors is a CE. The post shows the level of attention to detail that CEs generally give to their work. By the way, asshole, most of the CEs don't know the DMS guidelines that they are supposed to enforce, let alone AP style. Unlike those of Mexican states' schools, curricula of Mexico City's public schools is managed by the federal Secretary of Public Education. The whole funding is allocated by the government of Mexico City (in some specific cases, such as El Colegio de M?xico, funding comes from both the city's government and other public and private national and international entities). The city's public high school system is the Instituto de Educaci?n Media Superior del Distrito Federal (IEMS-DF). We have count ordered Joint custody. That is a 50/50 split of time. She chose not to work when we were together and still chooses not to work now that she is "on her own". Because she chooses not to work, I have to pay her child support. Keep in mind, I have my child as much as she does. That means, I feed, clothe, bath, and take care of the baby as much as she does. It's a 50/50 split, but somehow the court has decided that a woman can not take care of herself, but the man can. In fact the man can take care of himself, his half of the child, his ex and her half of the child. How is that fair? I would gladly ditch the 50/50 if I could get full custody. I want my child. Oh but even if I had full custody, I'd still have to pay her child support. Again, HOW IS THAT FAIR?